We’d like to introduce you to Stephen Johnson.

Name: Stephen Johnson
Age: 69
Occupation: Retired
City: St. Charles
Values: Personal Responsibility, Economic Opportunity, Local Government, Security, Hard Work, Free Enterprise, and Life, Liberty and the  Pursuit of Happiness

Stephen Johnson

Shortly after retiring in 2006, Stephen wanted to get more involved with local politics and joined the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club. Stephen served as the President of the club on and off from 2010 to 2016. Under Stephen’s leadership in 2011, the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club was awarded Club of the Year by the National Pachyderm Organization. In 2009, Stephen was elected to the Francis Howell School Board where he served for three years and became the first Francis Howell Board member to attain the designation of Master Board member from the Missouri School Board Association. Stephen and his wife currently serve as officers in the St. Charles Sister Cities Program, Inc. The program supports adult and student exchanges with St. Charles’ sister city, Ludwigsburg, Germany. Lastly, Stephen represents the Frontier Township as their committeeman on the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee.

“Why did you decide to join the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee?”

“I have been involved with several local political campaigns over the years and wanted to get more directly involved with the Republican Party in St. Charles County.  This position allows me to help promote core Republican values in the township and at community events which we are involved. I also feel that it is important for me to make a difference in our community now that I am in a position to give back.”

“What Republican value speaks to you the most and why?”

“The Republican value of local government is important to me because it results in limited federal government involvement in our everyday lives.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Stephen!

What’s your story?

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