St. Charles County Elected Officials

The following list reflects public record for the elected officials that govern St. Charles County in Missouri.  To learn more about their office, their public meetings, or to bring to address specific matters related to their department or jurisdiction, please follow the weblink provided.  If you are interested in running for public office, please contact one of our Committee Members to discuss our Candidates’ School.

  • St. Charles County Population as of July 1, 2022: 413,803
  • Active Registered Voters in St. Charles County as of April 17, 2023: 286,250

Executive Office Building

Phone: (636) 949-7520

100 N. 3rd St.
St. Charles, MO 63301

Administration Building

Phone: (636) 949-7500

201 North Second St.,
St. Charles, MO 63301

County Election Authority

Phone: (636) 949-75500

397 Turner Blvd.
St. Peters, MO 63376

Administrative Executives

Executive Steve Ehlmann (R) Weblink

Administration Offices

Assessor Travis Welge Weblink
Collector of Revenue Michelle McBride (R) Weblink
Director of Elections Kurt Bahr (R) Weblink
Recorder of Deeds Mary Dempsey (R) Weblink
Sheriff Scott Lewis (R) Weblink

County Council Members

Phone: (636) 949-7530

District #1 Matt Swanson (R) Weblink
District #2 Joseph Brazil (R) Weblink
District #3 Mike Elam (R) Weblink
District #4 Dave Hammond (R) Weblink
District #5 Terry Hollander (R) Weblink
District #6 Mike Klinghammer (R) Weblink
District #7 Tim Baker (R) Weblink