Missouri State Elected Officials

The following list of elected officials who represent St. Charles County residents in the State of Missouri based on the public record.  The Executive leads the State of Missouri and includes the Senators that represent our local communities.  The elected officials identified in the Missouri House of Representatives are specific to St. Charles County.

To learn more about these individuals or express your support for issues important to you, please use the weblink provided to reach their office directly. If you are a Republican and interested in running for election to fill an upcoming open position, please contact one of our Committee Members or learn more about our Candidate’s School.


Governor Mike Parson (R) Weblink
Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe (R) Weblink
Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (R) Weblink
State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick (R) Weblink
State Treasurer Vivek Malek (R) Weblink
Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) Weblink
State Senator – 2nd Dist. Nick Schroer (R) Weblink
State Senator – 10th Dist. Travis Fitzwater (R) Weblink
State Senator – 23rd Dist. Bill Eigel (R) Weblink

Missouri House of Representatives

District 63 Tricia Byrnes (R) Weblink
District 64 Tony Lovasco (R) Weblink
District 65 Wendy Hausman (R) Weblink
District 69 Adam Schnelting (R) Weblink
District 102 Richard West (R) Weblink
District 103 Dave Hinman (R) Weblink
District 104 Phil Christofanelli (R) Weblink
District 105 Adam Schwadron (R) Weblink
District 106 Travis Wilson (R) Weblink
District 107 Mark Matthiesen (R) Weblink
District 108 Justin Hicks (R) Weblink