Ever Considered Running for Public Office and Wondered What Was Involved?

Citizens who are interested in running for public office to represent the Republican platform can participate in our Candidates’ SchoolThere are over 200 elected positions in St. Charles County that govern the daily lives in our communities and do not require a legal background (unlike judges).  Those positions include city council members, aldermen, school boards, fire, and ambulance district boards.  People that hold these positions bring with them a variety of professional experience to serve their communities,  a common desire to uphold the values of the Republican party and to make St. Charles County a great place to raise our families and call home.

We’re Here to Help Guide You!

The St. Charles County Republican Central Committee offers a class called Candidates’ School that teaches those interested in running for public office, how to get started.  This course is taught by Candidates and Consultants who bring together their successful experience to share. Things covered in this course include:

  • How to set up a campaign committee
  • Who you can get to advise you or help you manage your campaign
  • How to raise funds
  • How to choose your issues and get your message to the voters
  • What signs, mailers, brochures, and other communications material can help your campaign
  • How to keep proper records and file the reports required by Law
  • How and where to go door-to-door to meet the voters
  • Other successful ways to conduct your political campaign

No Interest in Running for Public Office but Willing to Help Those Who Do?
Great! Our Courses Are For You Too!

John C. Maxwell once said, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work” and that’s where any candidate running for public office needs you and the time and talents you are willing to contribute to support their campaign.  This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about the many smaller steps you can take to contribute in big ways to your local community.  From an hour a month to several hours each week, there is always something to be done and we can show you how.

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We typically hold this course a couple times a year to help local citizens learn how to get more involved in local government.  Our most recent course was held on December 1st, 2018.   We’re currently exploring future dates and suggestions made by those in attendance to offer more information on a regular basis to help those interested identify how to get involved.

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