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Interested in Running for Public Office?

Citizens who are interested in running for public office to represent the Republican platform can participate in our Candidates’ School.  There are over 200 elected positions in St. Charles County that govern the daily lives in our communities and do not require a legal background (unlike judges).  Those positions include city council members, aldermen, school boards, fire, and ambulance district boards.  People that hold these positions bring with them a variety of professional experience to serve their communities,  a common desire to uphold the values of the Republican party and to make St. Charles County a great place to raise our families and call home.

We’re Here to Help You!

The St. Charles County Republican Central Committee offers a series of classes called Candidates’ School that teaches those interested in running for public office, how to get started.  Held in December each year, we teach interested candidates how to raise money for a campaign, how to keep proper records and how to establish your campaign committee.  We even help you how to choose your issues and get your message out to voters.

To learn more about our Candidates’ School you can speak with any of our committee members or visit an upcoming Committee meeting.