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St. Charles County School Boards

The following information is what is on public record as the Elected positions that help govern the School Districts and Community College located within St. Charles County.  These positions work together with the Administration for each of the represented educational communities to make financial and operational decisions for schools and students represented within their governance.

To learn more about a particular school district or the Boards’ public meeting schedule please visit the weblink provided.  If you are a Republican and interested in running for election to fill an upcoming open position, please contact one of our Committee Members or learn more about our Candidate’s School.

Fort Zumwalt School District


Mike Swaringim President Expires: 2019
Mike MacCormack Vice President Expires: 2021
Jeffery Orr,
Chief Financial Officer
Treasurer Expires: –
Tammy Breen,
Personnel Manager
Secretary Expires: –
Scott Grasser Member Expires: 2019
John Callahan Member Expires: 2020
Craig Moore Member Expires: 2020
Erica Powers Member Expires: 2021
Tommy George Jr Member Expires: 2021

Francis Howell School District


Rene Cope President Expires: 2020
Chad Lange Vice President Expires: 2021
Patrick Lane Treasurer Expires: 2020
Mike Hoehn Director Expires: 2019
Mary Lange Director Expires: 2020
Janet Stiglich Director Expires: 2021
Michelle Walker Director Expires: 2019

Orchard Farm School District


Nancy Goeke President Expires: 2021
Darren Grunwald Vice President Expires: 2020
Nathan Dunkmann Treasurer Expires: 2020
Sarah Vacek Secretary Expires: 2019
Kenneth Biermann Member Expires: 2019
Andrew Stegmann Member Expires: 2020
Steven Stopke Member Expires: 2021
Pamela Cilek President Weblink
Shirley Lohmar Vice President Weblink
Mary Schnare Stodden Secretary Weblink
Rose Mack Treasurer Weblink
William Pundmann Weblink
Jean Ehlmann Weblink

St. Charles School District


Joshua Kean President Expires: 2021
Donna Towers Vice President Expires: 2019
Marita Malone Treasurer Expires: 2019
Leslie Knight Secretary Expires: 2020
Virgil Beer, Jr. Member Expires: 2021
Lori Gibson Member Expires: 2020
Mike Thorne Member Expires: 2020

Washington School District


Kevin Blackburn President Expires: 2021
John Freitag Vice President Expires: 2021
Trish Mitchell Treasurer Expires: 2019
Dan Contarini Director Expires: 2019
Scott Byrne Director Expires: 2020
Susan Thatcher Director Expires: 2020
Bob Oreskovic Director Expires: 2020

Wentzville School District


Natalie DeWeese President Expires: –
Jennifer Simpson Vice President Expires: –
Betsy Bates Secretary Expires: –
Dale Schaper Director Expires: –
Heather Reiter Director Expires: –
Barbara Fine Director Expires: –
Brad Buchanan Director Expires: –