Federal Elected Officials

The following represents public records that identify the Elected Officials that impact the governance of the United States of America.  It also includes the Missouri officials who represent our State in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representative officials that represent the State of Missouri in Congress.  To learn more about these individuals, contact them with your specific concerns, and/or learn more about the issues they represent on your behalf, please follow the weblink provided.

If you are interested in running for office or want to make a difference in your community, you can begin today by participating locally at Municipality meetings, or by visiting our monthly meetings (held on the third Thursday of the month) to meet local leaders and discover ways to support the Republican party.


President Joseph R. Biden (D) Weblink
Vice President Kamala D. Harris (D) Weblink

U. S. Senators

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R) Weblink
Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt (R) Weblink

District Map & Office Links

  • U. S. Senate – Weblink
  • U. S. Congressional Districts Missouri Map – Weblink 

U.S. House of Representatives – Missouri

District 1 Cori Bush (D) Weblink
District 2 Ann Wagner (R) ** Weblink
District 3 Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)  ** Weblink
District 4 Mark Alford (R) Weblink
District 5 Emanuel Cleaver, II (D) Weblink
District 6 Sam Graves (R) Weblink
District 7 Eric Burlison (R) Weblink
District 8 Jason Smith (R) Weblink

** St. Charles County Cancel