The Mueller Investigation is Completed.  What’s Next?

The public spectacle of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congressional Committees on July 24 is over. You watched it or, by now, you have heard or read pundits describing the spectacle. No need to rehash it. What is our Nation going to experience going forward from the Mueller Investigation? More Trump Derangement Syndrome (“TDS”).

The Democrats have been fixated for two years on the unseating of Donald Trump by the Mueller Investigation. They cannot admit to the American People or to themselves that Mueller did not deliver. So, they will continue to insist that Donald Trump is guilty of great crimes and must be impeached. Lacking the justification for impeachment from Mueller’s Report, they will insist on more hearings, more subpoenas, more press conferences, more court cases. For example, Chairman Nadler (D. NY.) is leading a suit in Federal Court to force the Justice Department to violate the law enacted by Congress which requires grand jury materials to remain under seal. TDS!

Impeachment is an accusation of a “high crime or misdemeanor.” The House of Representatives may vote a bill of impeachment by a simple majority. The Democrats hold a majority (for the time being) in the House so they could impeach the President along party lines. There is no recognized standard of proof, so a vote to impeach could be based on mere TDS.

The Senate, on the other hand, decides whether the President is guilty of the charged high crime or misdemeanor. A trial is held by the Senate with the Chief Justice presiding. Conviction by the Senate requires a vote of two-thirds of the members. Republicans hold a majority in the Senate and absent some heinous crime not previously disclosed to the public there is no way that two-thirds of the Senate will vote to convict President Trump.

All of this will play out during the Democrat Primary Season, forcing the 23 or 24 remaining candidates to declare their position on the Impeachment Question. Some will calculate they must pander to the voters with TDS. Look for one or two who will reject Impeachment and declare (correctly) that the matter must be decided by the voters.

Meanwhile, very little legislation will be passed by Congress. Anything really helpful to the problems of illegal immigration, crumbling infrastructure, or the foreseeable collapse of Social Security and Medicare will not be enacted until after the 2020 election. And only then if Republicans hold both houses of Congress. So, we are going to watch a do-nothing Congress paralyzed by the Democrats stricken with TDS. There is no way that meaningful legislation can be adopted by this divided government.

It is up to us, the American Voters, to restore Republicans to a majority in the House and to expand the Republican majority in the Senate so that there are enough votes to stifle Trump Derangement Syndrome and to address the needs of this Nation. You have heard it before, but this time it really is true…the 2020 general election is the most important election of our lifetime!


David C. Zucker

About the Author

David C. Zucker is the Chairman of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee and  Mayor of the City of Dardenne Prairie, MO.  David is retired  from the Army,  having served 20 years on active duty and is a retired Lawyer.   He encourages citizens to take part in government and stands proudly with the Republican party.