Elections have consequences.


Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh

Donald Trump promised to appoint distinguished, conservative judges to the Supreme Court and showed the American People a list of candidates he planned to consider when elected.  Republican candidates for the US Senate assured voters in their states they would support conservative judges who would not “legislate” from the Bench.  President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh, one of the candidates on his list, to a seat on the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh has an outstanding record and is eminently qualified.

The Democrats do not accept the outcome of the 2016 election. It is absolutely clear that the Democrats do not regard Donald Trump as the legitimate President who is entitled to make appointments to the Court.

Advise & Consent

Under the Constitution, the Senate has the power to approve Supreme Court nominations.  We are watching Republican Senators engaged in the process of advice and consent, treating the nominee and the process with dignity and respect. We are witnessing the Democrats in the Senate engaged in their infamous “Resistance” which bears no connection to their constitutional duty of advice and consent.  There is not even a pretense of dignity and respect for either the nominee or the process. When nothing in Judge Kavanaugh’s long record of public service presented a legitimate reason to oppose his nomination the Democrats went looking for someone to serve their Resistance.  Apparently, the Democrats will engage in any slander or foul deed that will further the Resistance and will oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination regardless of the merits.

Allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are not credible.

Briefly, a woman claims that 36 years ago when she was 15 she was at a party with four other teens, consuming alcohol, having come from a country club swimming pool.  She alleges that a boy at the party pushed her into a bedroom, touched her, kissed her, and tried to remove her bathing suit.  She got away from the boy whom she claims was Kavanaugh, then age 17.  She also claims that another boy, Mike Judge, was in the room and witnessed the event.  According to press reports, she doesn’t remember the date or exact location of the party, or how she got to the party or how she got home.  She claims that she kept this event a secret until 2012 when she was under the care of a mental health therapist and finally revealed the incident.

Judge Kavanaugh flatly denies the allegation, stating he was not at such a party.  All the other people named by the woman as having been at the party deny witnessing or hearing about the incident.  None recall being a party when Brett Kavanagh was present.

One may well wonder if her need for mental health therapy in 2012 was caused by the memory of a teenage trauma or if her 2012 memory of a teenage trauma was caused by her need for mental health therapy.  One may also wonder if the account has been embellished over the past few weeks by her close collaboration with Democrat Party activists.  She was, after all, introduced to Washington Post reporters and a Washington DC lawyer with extensive ties to Democrat candidates and Resistance activists.  All this appears calculated by the Democrats to delay a confirmation vote.  They don’t have the votes to block Kavanaugh and the Chairman refuses to allow a delay of more than three or four days.

Now the Democrats have come up with another woman who claims Kavanaugh exposed himself to her when they were freshmen students at Yale.  None of her contemporaries from Yale support her hazy recollection from 1984.

The Democrats’ rhetoric is hysterical, illogical, defamatory and, given the prior unconditional defense of Bill Clinton, HYPOCRITICAL.

Politics should not be a blood sport.

How many times have you heard political folks say, “Politics is a blood sport?”  It should not be a blood sport where ambitious politicians raise funds or build support for their next campaign by manufacturing slanders against honest, decent human beings.  How much longer will decent people agree to answer the call to public service if they know they will become props in some vicious political theater.  Don’t expect decent, normal people to submit to this kind of abuse.  For the sake of good government and the health of the body politic, this kind of uncivil spectacle must stop.

Democrats in the US Senate and their ideological allies on the left are invested in the Resistance.  They will say anything and do anything without regard to Truth or Justice or the American Way so long as they win.  They do not accept the outcome of the 2016 election and feel that no action is out of bounds for them.

Republicans and Fair Minded Independents Must Vote in November.

We can not sit home on November 6 and let the Democrats get away with this vicious attack on a good person and this direct assault on the legitimacy of President Trump.  We must demonstrate that the despicable treatment of Brett Kavanaugh has consequences.  We in Missouri must fire Claire McCaskill who has announced she will vote against Brett Kavanaugh.

We in Missouri must also show the nation that we stand with President Donald Trump by voting for Josh Hawley for US Senate and for all the Republican candidates.


David C. Zucker

About the Author

David C. Zucker is the current residing Chairman for the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee.  He is also the residing Committeeman from the St. Peters Township and active Mayor for the City of Dardenne Prairie, MO.  David is an Army Veteran and a retired Lawyer.   He encourages citizen involvement in government and stands proudly with the beliefs in the Republican party.