If you missed it, let me summarize:

Briefly, Ms. Ford claims that 36 years ago when she was 15, at a house somewhere in Montgomery County Maryland, she was at a party with four other teens, consuming alcohol, having come from a country club swimming pool.  She alleges that a boy at the party pushed her into a bedroom, touched her, kissed her, and tried to remove her bathing suit.  She got away from the boy whom she claims was Brett Kavanaugh, then age 17.  She also claims that another boy, Mike Judge, witnessed the event.  She also identified two other people at the party by name.  According to press reports, she doesn’t remember the date or exact location of the party, or how she got to the party or how she got home.  She claims that she kept this event a secret until 2012 when she was under the care of a mental health therapist and finally revealed the incident.

Judge Kavanaugh flatly denies being at a party with Ms. Ford and denies ever assaulting her at any time or place.

The three people named by Ms. Ford, including Mike Judge, provided written statements to the effect that they do not recall being at a party with her or ever seeing anyone assault her or even hearing any report of such an event. The girl said she was never at a party with Brett Kavanaugh.

No other evidence was presented to corroborate Ms. Ford’s claim.  In contrast, there was a long list of character witnesses whose letters and statements attested to the good behavior of Kavanaugh over his lifetime.

What can we make of this?

Kavanaugh is Telling the Truth or Kavanaugh is Lying.

Judge Kavanaugh says he wasn’t at a party with Ms. Ford and did not assault her.

Ford is Telling the Objective Truth or the Subjective Truth, or she is Lying

Ms. Ford’s account could be objectively true only if Kavanaugh is lying.  Ms. Ford’s account could be subjectively true if she believes the assault happened or if she believes the boy in question was Kavanaugh, even though she was objectively wrong as to either or both beliefs.

One may well wonder if her need for mental health therapy in 2012 was caused by the memory of a teenage trauma or if her memory of a teenage trauma was caused by her need for mental health therapy.  She refused to release the records of her therapy sessions.

Or she could be lying.

One may also wonder if the account has been embellished over the past few weeks by her close collaboration with Democrat Party activists.  She was, after all, introduced to Washington Post reporters and a Washington DC lawyer with extensive ties to Democrat candidates and Resistance activists.  Briefly, she disclosed at the hearing that she called the Washington Post tip line in early July to claim she had been assaulted by Kavanaugh.  She repeated the claim to the staff of a Congresswoman from California.  She repeated the claim in a letter dated July 30 given to Sen. Diane Feinstein (D. Cal.).  By August 7, Ms. Ford had been hooked up with Democrat activist attorneys, had taken a polygraph test set up by those attorneys, and had been interviewed by reporters from the Washington Post.  She claimed she did not know who paid for the polygraph or indeed who was paying her attorneys.

Feinstein, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, took no steps to question Kavanaugh during the confirmation process when she met privately with him or during the Committee’s closed sessions or in the several days of public interrogation to which Kavanaugh was subjected.  Is that because Sen. Feinstein did not consider the claim to be credible or relevant?

Ms. Ford’s claim was made public just days before the committee was set to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination.  That signaled the Democrats frenzied efforts to delay the hearings and put off any vote on Kavanaugh until after the November elections.  Ms. Ford and her lawyers fenced with the Committee Chair and staff to avoid coming to Washington to testify and declined opportunities to be interviewed by phone or in person in California at a time and place of her convenience.  Her excuse for not coming to Washington many days ago was that she had a fear of flying and would have to drive across country.  Please note that she admitted during the hearing that she is a frequent flyer who enjoys travel, especially to the South Pacific islands (more than twice as long as a flight to Washington).

So, what was Sen. Feinstein and the other Democrats up to?  Have you noticed the well-coordinated public relations offensive mounted by the Democrats?  The attack on Judge Kavanaugh was planned all along as the last-ditch effort to block his nomination.

If you want to understand what this is all about, watch the above video showing Senator Lindsey Graham call out the Democrats for what they really are.

I say again to Republicans, Independents and even to fair-minded Democrats where ever you may be, the despicable conduct of the Congressional Democrats must not be rewarded.

On November 6, vote for Josh Hawley for US Senate and fire Claire McCaskill.  Vote for Republicans everywhere to send a message that we won’t stand for the destruction of decent people for political gain.

David C. Zucker

About the Author

David C. Zucker is the Chairman of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee and  Mayor of the City of Dardenne Prairie, MO.  David is retired  from the Army,  having served 20 years on active duty and is a retired Lawyer.   He encourages citizens to take part in government and stands proudly with the Republican party.