Top Wagner Actions You Might Have Missed:

  • Congresswoman Wagner joined Stefan Kleinhenz of OANN to discuss how Joe Biden abandoned Afghans who assisted Americans and Americans who are currently stranded. You can watch the Congresswoman’s interview here.  Additionally, Congresswoman Wagner joined Mark Reardon on KMOX to discuss President Biden’s withdrawal- you can listen to the interview here.
  • The Biden Administration’s abject failure in the withdrawal of Afghanistan is putting American lives at risk and endangering Afgans who served our country. Earlier this week, Congresswoman Wagner and other House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans sent a letter to Joe Biden demanding President Joe Biden commit to continuing evacuation flights out of Kabul until all American citizens and their Afghan allies are safely out of the country. As the letter notes, “For months, we have consistently urged President Biden and his administration to develop and implement a plan to evacuate our Afghan partners, to secure the U.S. embassy and keep Americans in the country safe, and to manage the impending humanitarian crisis. He ignored us… We are facing this shameful moment in our history because of President Biden’s failed leadership.” You can read more about the letter here.
  • As we watch the downfall of Afghanistan, we are left wondering what went wrong and how it happened so quickly. That is why the Congresswoman is Cosponsoring Rep. Blake Moore’s Afghanistan Accountability Act that requires an extensive after-action report form the intelligence community to assess the information and intel provided to the President from January-August 2021. It also sanctions Taliban officials who have engaged in human rights abuses and limited the freedoms of women.
  • As Afghanistan descends into further chaos, the White House is sending Vice President Harris to Vietnam to reinforce our allies in Southeast Asia. As the Vice Ranking Member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Co-Chair of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Caucus, Rep. Wagner urged VP Harris that “we must unequivocally assure our allies in Southeast Asia of our nation’s firm and unwavering commitment to ensuring their security and providing the resources and intelligence necessary to repel Chinese aggression.” The full letter can be found here.
  • As a champion for exploited women and girls during her career in Congress, Congresswoman Wagner is deeply concerned about the prevalence of Child Sex Abuse Material (CSAM) on the platform OnlyFans. Just last week, Congresswoman Wagner led a bipartisan delegation of 101 members of Congress urging the Department of Justice to investigate the prevalence of CSAM on the platform. As the letter notes, “With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing our kids to spend more time isolated and online, it is our responsibility to ensure children are protected from bad actors operating via the internet. Of particular concern is the website OnlyFans.com, which has become a major marketplace for buying and selling Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in the United States, as well as soliciting sexual activity with minors. We write today to call your attention to potentially illegal activity, including child sexual exploitation, that this website is facilitating.” This was supported by the National Center of Sexual Exploitation, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and advocacy group Awareness is Prevention. One week after the letter was sent, OnlyFans announced it would prohibit “sexually explicit content” on the website starting in October. You can read the full letter the Congresswoman sent here.
  • Last week, it was reported that the University of Pittsburgh may have utilized organs that were extracted from live fetuses for research projects. Rep Wagner signed a Rep. Blain Luketemeyer and Rep. Lisa McClain letter calling for an investigation into the University of Pittsburgh study that was conducted on aborted babies and received NIH grant funding.

Other News You May Have Missed: