Democrats are trying to push more Obamacare in Missouri this August. Amendment 2 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing healthcare initiative that will bankrupt our state.
Missouri Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick on why you should VOTE NO on Amendment 2 this August!

It will take money away from our Schools

Medicaid already takes up 40% of our state’s budget. Expanding the program would put a burden on Missouri of at least $200 million. Missouri’s budget has already be subject to cuts, the expansion of Obamacare will force more cuts to education.

Amendment 2 will cost St. Charles School District $13.6 million

Are you ready to pay more taxes?

Expanding Medicaid in Missouri will cost the state millions or billions if the federal government stops paying their portion. This will result bankrupting our state, forcing cuts in funding for schools, public safety, and infrastructure, and higher taxes.

House Budget Chair Cody Smith on why Missouri cannot afford Amendment 2. Vote NO on Amendment 2 in August!

We need your help to stop this!

Share, share, and share!! One of the most important things you can do in the next month is tell everyone you know how disastrous this expansion of Obamacare would be for Missouri!

Post on all you social media platforms. Call all your friends and tell them to vote NO on Amendment 2 August 4th. Volunteer with the Missouri Republican Party to make voter outreach calls.

Visit the campaign website linked below for all the latest news.

Like and share the ‘No on Amendment 2 in August’ Facebook page.

Most importantly, vote No on Amendment 2 on August 4th!