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Rep. Hausman Files First Pieces of Legislation

On Tuesday, Rep. Wendy Hausman filed her first two pieces of legislation, HB 813 and HJR 47. These two bills are part of an effort to improve access to child care in Missouri and expand our workforce. Before Covid shutdowns, there were over 4,400 licensed child care facilities across the state. At the height of the shutdowns, that number plummeted to about 3,300. The numbers have since risen to about 3,700 but still are not yet back to pre-shutdown levels.This is placing a strain on Missouri families who are struggling to find child care options and is keeping able bodied workers out of our workforce. These bills will allow child care facilities to obtain an exemption on their property taxes, which will help reduce the overhead costs of running such facilities. This will allow day care businesses across the state to save money and stay open, and will encourage more facilities to open their doors. This will get more people who are forced to stay home caring for kids due to of lack of access to day care programs into jobs left unfilled across the state.

Click here and here to read the bills

Rep. Hausman Meets with Sheriffs from Around the State
This week, Rep. Hausman and a few other legislators met with sheriffs from across the state to discuss the Constitutional Sheriff Initiative. Rep. Hausman is excited to work with law enforcement across our state to make sure our communities are safe and our laws are properly enforced.
Governor Mike Parson Delivers 2023 State of the State Address
On Wednesday, Members of the Missouri House and Senate gathered in the House chamber to listen to Gov. Mike Parson outline his priorities for the 2023 legislative session. Parson called on legislators to make key investments in infrastructure improvements, public safety, workforce development and education, and health and mental health care. Highlighting successes of the past year, Parson praised the legislature’s work in enacting the state’s largest income tax cut and support for agriculture. Particular projects that Parson hopes the General Assembly will be able to work on are a general investment to widen and rebuild the I-70 Corridor as well as expanding child care subsidy rates and the establishment three new child care tax credit programs.

Vivek Malek Sworn in as Missouri Treasurer

On Tuesday, Vivek Malek was sworn in as Missouri’s 48th Treasurer. Malek recalled his personal story of emigrating from India to the United States and his experiences living in Missouri. Highlighting his goals as treasurer, Malek specifically called attention to: protecting taxpayers’ money; providing the opportunity to grow programs like MOST, MoAble, MoScholars, and MoBucks; and lastly providing the promise of America.

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