On Saturday, April 6, 2024 – the Congressional District Caucuses took place all over Missouri.
Congressional District 2 Caucus was held in St. Louis County and Congressional District 3 Caucus was held in Fulton, MO.
The Delegates, Alternates and Electors listed below were elected to attend the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 15-18, 2024.  https://gopconvention2024.com
These Delegates and Electors will Represent Missouri’s Congressional District 2 and Congressional District 3 and will cast their votes for Donald J Trump to be our next President.
 Below:  Bob Eno, Chairman of the St Charles County Republican Central Committee was overwhelmingly elected by the members of the Congressional District 3 (CD3) to Chair the CD-3 Caucus in Fulton, Missouri on Saturday, April 6. 2024.

CD3, The Truly Trump Team Delegates:

Sherry Kuttenkuler-Arthaud (pictured above), Lisa Borchers and Bob Eno (pictured at the Podium)

CD3 – Elector – Bill Eigel

CD2, Delegates: Amy Declue, Judy Hon, Annette Sieve
  CD2 Alternates:  Tim Jones, Niles Stevenson, Ben Murphy
 CD2 Elector:  Roger Jackson