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December 17, 2021For Immediate Release | Contact: Georgeanna Sullivan (202) 225-2956

Last month, multiple federal courts blocked President Biden’s various vaccine mandates. A federal judge in St. Louis blocked the vaccine mandate on health care workers in 10 states. Days later a judge in Louisiana blocked the mandate in the other 40 states. In Kentucky, a federal judge blocked the Administration’s attempt to force vaccinations on all government contractors. And earlier this month a judge in Georgia issued a nationwide injunction against the vaccine mandate, arguing the mandate could cause “irreparable injury” to these workers and their families.

Due to the court rulings, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suspended enforcement of its executive order to force vaccines on every private company with more than 100 workers. I was hopeful that OSHA’s suspension was a first step toward the White House rethinking its heavy-handed policies.  As court after court questions the Constitutionality of vaccine mandates and issues injunctions on their enforcement, the Administration’s ability to enforce a vaccine mandate is quickly disappearing. But instead of taking a step back and allowing the legal process to play out, the White House decided to move full speed ahead in the one area where they still have the authority to do so: the military.

This week, 27 Americans serving in the United States Air Force were discharged from the military for refusing to take the COVID vaccine. 27 soldiers who answered the call to serve this country and put their lives on the line in the name of liberty and freedom have been thrown out of the Air Force because they chose not to receive an injection into their own bodies. Now, because our defenders of freedom lost their freedom to make their health decisions, they’ve also lost their ability to serve their fellow citizens and make a living for their families. Less than two weeks before Christmas, their professional futures are in chaos and their financial wellbeing is in doubt. Buying gifts for loved ones during the holiday season can already be a stressful endeavor, especially this year with inflation at record highs and raising the cost of just about everything. I can’t imagine a more horrible way to treat the most selfless and brave men and women of our country.

I supported President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and am I grateful to the scientists, healthcare workers and citizens who volunteered for trials for their incredible efforts in creating the vaccines.  There are countless Americans who greatly benefit from the vaccines because they chose to get it.  This isn’t about being pro or anti vaccine; this is about the right to make your own health decisions. Last time I checked, this is a free country where citizens dictate the actions of the government, not the other way around.

Unfortunately, the Air Force had the earliest vaccine deadline of all military branches so more soldiers could be thrown out. It should be made clear that just because the White House still has the authority to force vaccines on military members doesn’t mean it is right. We’ve already seen the complete disregard for our military when the President sacrificed 13 soldiers during the surrender of Afghanistan. For him to discharge these soldiers and jeopardize their families’ future is immoral, a complete failure of leadership, and as un-American as it gets.

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