Blaine’s Bulletin: 2022 IN REVIEW

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer

December 30, 2022

For Immediate Release | Contact: Georgeanna Sullivan (202) 225-2956


As we head into a new year, I find it’s always productive to reflect on what worked, and what could be done differently moving forward for the next twelve months. 2022 had its fair share of ups and downs, but a new year brings a new beginning and a clean slate.

Next year, with a House Republican majority, I’m optimistic that we can do some good. Of course, Democrats are still in control of the White House and Senate so bipartisanship will be key to get things done. There will still be plenty of tough negotiating (and needless bickering) but there will also be opportunities to rein in the government’s spending and heavy-handed regulation. House Republicans have our Commitment to America plan that would bring down historic inflation, secure our border, and turn the American energy spigot back on so families can put gas in their cars and heat their homes without spending a small fortune. These are just a few of our priorities, but we’re ready to do the work to make life easier for American families.

One of my office’s most important functions is helping Third District constituents with casework. We’re here to be a liaison when you run into issues with federal agencies, which happens all too often. This year I’m very proud that we were able to resolve 576 cases for Missouri residents, including help with IRS, the Veterans Administration, passports, Social Security, and the Small Business Administration. COVID, and excessive work-from-home policies, caused massive backlogs at federal agencies. My staff and I worked hard to sift through the bureaucratic muck to get you the money you’ve been waiting on, the passport you needed to finally start traveling again, the medical attention our veterans need, and the services so many people in our area depend on. While some of those backlogs have improved, there are plenty of people still waiting on a satisfactory response from the government, and we’ll continue advocating for you in 2023 and beyond.

This new Congressional session also brings a change in our district boundaries. As you know, every ten years Congressional districts are reapportioned to ensure each district has the same number of constituents. Unfortunately, the Third District is losing Lincoln Country, Franklin County, and parts of Camden, Jefferson, and Warren Counties. Our boundaries in St. Charles County are also changing. While I look forward to serving our new constituents in Boone, Cooper, Crawford, Moniteau, and Washington Counties, we are disappointed to no longer serve so many of the people we’ve formed great working and personal relationships with. From WashMo, to Troy, to Camdenton, I’ve met countless incredible people who I have been honored to represent. If you are one of the many people who will not be in the new Third District next year, please know you are always welcome to contact our office anytime you need help. We are happy to work with you and our colleagues in the Missouri Congressional delegation to ensure your needs are met.

Thank you for trusting me to serve you and your families for another term in Congress as the Representative of Missouri’s Third District. I’m very proud to do it and look forward to getting to work for you again.

Happy New Year!

CONTACT US: I encourage you to visit my official website or call my offices in Jefferson City (573-635-7232) Washington, Mo. (636-239-2276), or Wentzville (636-327-7055) with your questions and concerns. If you want even greater access to what I am working on, please visit my YouTube siteFacebook page, and keep up-to-date with Twitter and Instagram.


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