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Dear Penny,

While last week’s announcement from Senator Blunt is the end of an era, I look forward to working with him in service to Missouri during the remainder of his term and know that he will do his utmost for our great state.  Now is the time for us all to celebrate his lengthy career serving our great state. I congratulate Roy and Abby and the entire Blunt family on his announcement, wish them luck for their next steps, and look forward to serving with Senator Blunt in Congress for the remainder of his term.

In Congress last week, Democrats disregarded their obligation to provide real COVID relief to the American people and instead used this crisis to jam through partisan agenda items.  The bill the Democrats forced through last week is not targeted, timely, nor tied to COVID. We need to focus on solving the critical issues at hand—getting vaccines to Americans, providing relief for our local restaurants and entertainment venues, and supporting those who have been seriously impacted by this pandemic.  Watch my full speech on the House Floor here.

The Financial Services Committee held a hearing last week on fair access to housing and financial services.  As childcare and higher education costs skyrocket above the rate of inflation, home prices become far more expensive than two decades ago, and interest rates fall, we must partner together to lower costs and help families thrive.  I questioned our witnesses on the effects the pandemic is having on our students, especially as they attempt to learn from home, as opposed to a classroom full of their peers.  Every day that our children are out of the classroom, they fall further behind in their education  This will affect an entire generation of students that we all want to have the ability to succeed and achieve their dreams.

Watch more on this hearing here.

Repeated flooding has devastated Missouri communities for too long.   Last week, I introduced the Repeatedly Flooded Communities Preparation Act, legislation that would strengthen protections for our flood-prone communities. I am proud to support this legislation that would help build more resilient communities and mitigate future flood damage to at-risk homes and businesses.  No one wants to spend money to rebuild flood-prone properties, and this bill will ensure the necessary steps are taken to alleviate the effects of natural disasters.  Read our full press release here.

I questioned Secretary of State Antony Blinken at our House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Administration’s foreign policy priorities.  Robust American leadership makes the world safer and more prosperous. Sadly, however, authoritarianism, violence, and a failure to respect human rights are undermining stability in many regions of the world.  I asked Secretary Blinken how Russia and China are using this stage of the pandemic to advance their agendas, and how the United States will ensure that countries are not compelled to act against their national interest during this critical vaccine distribution timeline.  Watch here.

I spoke at the virtual human trafficking conference with the National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.  It is so important we all join together to continue fighting against the scourge of human trafficking, and I appreciated the opportunity to highlight our work in Congress as we defend some of the most vulnerable in our society.  Read more about this important conference here.

I was proud to support the VA Vaccine Act, legislation that would ensure the VA can provide COVID-19 vaccines to all veterans and their caregivers.  This is critical legislation that will have an immediate effect on our veteran communities, and help them get this lifesaving vaccine.


Ann Wagner
Member of Congress