St. Charles County

Republican Central Committee



July 9, 2020



The St. Charles County Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to endorse Richard West in the Republican Primary Election for State Representative in District 63.  Special circumstances warranted the unusual action of endorsing a candidate in the Republican Primary Election. 

Richard West, currently serving as the Mayor of the City of New Melle, is a true Republican, known to us for years to be a conservative and an honorable public servant.  Richard West has devoted time and money to the election of other Republican candidates for public office.

West’s opponent in the Republican primary is actually a Democrat.  He ran for State Representative three times in the past as a Democrat.  In 2019 he requested the Republican Central Committee’s help in his race for the Wentzville School Board but failed to get that support after he admitted to the Committee that he was, in fact, not a Republican.  He and his wife have contributed money to Democrat candidates and to the Democrat Central Committee.  There is no record of him contributing money to a Republican.

There is no one running on the Democrat ticket for State Representative in District 63.  The actual “general election” contest between the true Republican candidate and the actual Democrat candidate is the August 4th Republican Primary Election.

We urge all Republican voters in District 63 to elect Richard West on August 4th to be your next State Representative.  Do not allow a Democrat, sailing under a false flag, to deceive you.



David C. Zucker, Chairman





St. Charles County Republican Central Committee, Mike Sommer Treasurer