Youth took an active role in shaping their futures by attending a Youth Leadership Workshop on April 28, 2022 at Cuivre River Electric Cooperative in Lake St. Louis. High schoolers from St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, and Montgomery Counties learned skills necessary to be effective youth leaders and campaign activists for positive change. Carly Tomaine, Director of Youth Leadership Schools for the Arlington, Virginia-based Leadership Institute, conducted the Workshop.

Sponsored jointly by St. Charles County Pachyderm Club and Leadership Institute the three-hour training included recruitment, communication, leadership, campaign, and activism. More than 25 area high schoolers from private and public schools participated in the event.

According to Tomaine, “Seeing so many young people attend the workshops brings hope to my heart for both the future of Missouri and the country. The students who attended the workshop were some of the best I’ve had – driven, smart, enthusiastic, and most importantly, devoted to protecting and preserving our freedoms. I hope to be back in Missouri soon!”

Mike Hazelbaker of Wentzville and Frank Eggering of O’Fallon organized the event. Eggering said, “The influence of our county is far beyond our borders. To prepare youth for leadership in local issues and beyond, we reached out to the Leadership Institute, which is known nationwide for its excellent training programs.”

This was the first Leadership Institute youth event in St. Charles County. Our young people benefit from expert training, according to Hazelbaker. “The skills taught by Leadership Institute prepare youth to engage with others of similar values and vision, and make an impact on their communities. The event was a success.”

In the past, young people traveled considerable distances to attend this level of professional training, according to Robert Sullentrup, president of the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club. “We brought the training here to allow more young people to participate. For this reason, the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club sponsored Leadership Institute to come to our area.”

Liberty Christian Academy instructor Bryan Spencer attended the training. These students are highly organized, motivated, and involved in community projects. The Leadership Institute training adds a political activism component to their skillset.

For more information about the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club visit Pachyderm President Robert Sullentrup can be reached at [email protected].



St. Charles County Pachyderm Club ( is a member of the National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs, an official allied group of the Republican National Committee. Its goal is to promote education and active citizen involvement in politics.

Based in Arlington, VA, the Leadership Institute ( provides training in campaigns, fundraising, grassroots organizing, youth politics, and communications. The Institute teaches conservatives of all ages how to succeed in politics, government, and the media.




Photo. Carly Tomaine, Director of Youth Leadership Schools (second row, left), Frank Eggering, St. Charles County Pachyderm Club (second row, right), and Bryan Spencer, Liberty Christian Academy instructor (third row) applaud graduates of Youth Leadership Workshop.