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Top Wagner Actions You Might Have Missed

  • Since 1959, the Cuban people have been brutally oppressed by the Communist regime running the country. As the Cuban people rise up to stand up against the oppressive Socialist Regime, Congresswoman Wagner signed on to three important resolutions from House Republicans regarding the crisis:
    • Rep. Nicole Miliostakis’s Resolution Expressing Solidarity with the Cuban People. As Rep. Maliostakis, who is the daughter of Cuban immigrants notes, “Since 1959, the Cuban people have been suffering under a brutal communist regime that has advanced an agenda of violence, censorship, and economic hardship against its own people… Now more than ever, the U.S. Government needs to stand in solidarity with the Cuban people and show support for their courageous efforts to achieve freedom and democracy and economic prosperity on the island nation.”
    • The Congresswoman also signed onto a resolution introduced by Florida Republican Mario Diaz-Balart “expressing solidarity with the Cuban people in their demands for freedom and respect for basic human rights”. The Resolution continues, calling for:
  1. The release of all political prisoners and the end for the end of acts of repressions, arbitrary imprisonments, torture, and other human rights abuses against the Cuban people.
  2. Honors the courageous Cuban people for daring to stand up to the Cuban regime and demanding respect for fundamental freedoms.
  3. Recognizes the brave pro-democracy and human rights activists who have fought Cuban tyranny for Sixty-Two years.
  4. Urges other democracies and multilateral agencies to affirm that violence against the unarmed people of Cuba will not be tolerated and that human rights abusers will be held accountable for their crimes.
  5. Expresses solidarity with the Cuban people in their demands for a democratic transition.
    • Finally, the Congresswoman signed Maria Elvira Salazar’s resolution condemning the tragedies of socialism in China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela and opposing the implementation of socialism in the United States.


  • When the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome “Jay” Powell testified in front of the House Financial Services Committee meeting six months ago, he responded a question Congresswoman Wagner had raised about rising inflation calling it “temporary”. Six months later, after reports that inflation rose 4.2% (the biggest gain since September 2008), Congresswoman Wagner had the opportunity had the opportunity to again question Chairman Powell. During the hearing, The Congresswoman told Chairman Powell: “I can tell you that the families and businesses I represent … aren’t feeling that these price spikes are very temporary,” Furthermore, the Congresswoman called the rising inflation “deeply troubling.”
  • Over the course of the four years of his Presidency, President Trump went through great lengths to rebuild our military. After devastating cuts during the Obama years, China, Russia and other adversaries closed the gap with our American military capability. China’s military budget has increased annually every year for the last 30 years—including a 29% increase in the last five years. When President Biden proposed $4 billion in cuts to the Navy this year, Congresswoman Wagner and the Missouri Republican Congressional Delegation jumped into action. These cuts from President Biden would have put funding for St. Louis-made Boeing F-18s in serious jeopardy—even though the US Navy has a fighter jet shortfall of 49 jets. Furthermore, the F-18 is incredibly reliable and provides integral air strike capability for our Navy. The efforts of Congresswoman Wagner and the Missouri Republican delegation influenced a House of Representatives panel to outlay $1 billion for 12 more F-18s made at Lambert Field through the legislative budget process. Not only do these F-18s support our military, the F-18 program also supports 15,000 jobs in Missouri, primarily in the St. Louis region. As the Congresswoman noted in her letter, “In a world full of uncertainties, now is not the time to risk operating with a shortfall of Super Hornet aircraft in the fleet.”
  • Everyone’s favorite federal agency, the Internal Revenue Service, is facing severe backlogs in the processing of the American taxpayer’s tax returns. At the end of May, there were 35 million tax returns that needed to be manually processed. The backlog is three times larger than it was in 2020 and a fourfold increase from 2019. Furthermore, delays in the processing of tax returns are delaying the disbursement Economic Injury Disaster Loans that are critical to local small businesses.  This week, the Congresswoman sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, imploring the IRS to expedite these returns so that taxpayers can receive their money as soon as possible, along with requesting the status of the IRS backlog, the steps the IRS is taking to expedite these returns, and a timeline for completion. Our office in Ballwin is working with hundreds of constituents trying to ascertain their money that is owed to them—if you know anyone who is seeking help in getting their return, please feel free to call our Ballwin District office at 636-779-5449.
  • This week, Congresswoman Wagner met with a few St. Louis realtors to discuss the state of our St. Louis housing market and how we can continue to make St. Louis a great place to live and raise a family.


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