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The legislation excludes government officials of the Russian Federation from attending World Bank, G20 Summits, and other meetings

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March 2, 2022



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Washington, D.C.  – Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO), Vice Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee, today introduced the Isolate Russian Government Officials Act of 2022.  The bill excludes Russian Government Officials from major financial and intergovernmental forums.

“Vladimir Putin and his cronies have breached the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine and declared war on an innocent people.  These grievous violations will not stand, and Russian government officials must be completely and utterly isolated from the world stage during this unjust and unprovoked war.  The Isolate Russian Governmental Officials Act will ensure Russian officials are excluded from major financial and intergovernmental forums and further restrict Russia’s inclusion in international meetings.”


This bill would exclude government officials of the Russian Federation from attendance at the following:

– The Spring Meetings and Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund.

– Proceedings of the Group of 20, including Ministerial Meetings and Leader Summits.

– Plenary meetings of the Financial Action Task Force.

– Annual General Meetings of the Bank for International Settlements.


Treasury and the Federal Reserve would implement the exclusions and these exclusions would expire 5 years after enactment or 30 days after the President reports to Congress that the Government of the Russian Federation has ceased its destabilizing activities with respect to the sovereignty of Ukraine.




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