Today our State Representatives and State Senators live in

our communities and that is because Legislative Districts

have to be compact and contiguous.  Those districts

encompass our communities and our community of interests.

Next year that will all change unless we take action on

November 3rd.  Next Year, districts will not be required to

be compact and contiguous. They will be required to

encompass half democrat and half republican voters.

In order to draw districts that are half and half, it will be

necessary to pair parts of St. Louis, or St. Louis County with

parts of St. Charles County and/or Lincoln County and/or

Warren County.  It would even permit pairing parts of

St. Charles County with Kansas City!

Do you want your State Representative to be someone living

In Kansas City?

  Preserve our communities


Paid for by St. Charles County Republican Central Committee, Mike Sommer Treasurer