Clean Missouri-Amendment 1 Resolution–St. Charles County Republican Central Committee

St. Charles County Republican Central Committee Clean Missouri-Amendment 1 Resolution WHEREAS, the voters of Missouri will be asked on November 6, 2018, to vote yes or no regarding Constitutional Amendment # 1 (the so-called “Clean Missouri” Initiative); WHEREAS, the main purpose of Constitutional Amendment # 1) is to radically change the design of State Representatives’ and Senators’ districts.  If passed, the Amendment will eliminate the people’s elected representatives from any part of drawing legislative districts and will enable an appointee of the State Auditor (a Democrat) to draw districts, [...]

The Anti-Trump Resistance Has Been Festering for Over 40 Years

President Donald Trump The Democrats don’t accept the results of the 2016 election.  Thinking back, this theme has been a part of Democrat Party politics since 1972. Let's Review The Historic Arguments Against Republican Presidents Richard Nixon won 49 states in 1972, crushing George McGovern.  When the Watergate break-in and cover-up hit the news the Dems said Tricky Dick stole the election. In 1980, former 2-term Governor of California Ronald Reagan defeated incumbent Jimmy Carter handily.  The Dems said the voters were fooled by Reagan who was [...]

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Hawley and Pre-Existing Conditions: Facts You Should Know

Josh Hawley The Ads that Support Claire McCaskill and Pre-Existing Conditions are Misleading Contrary to the ads you’re seeing on TV, Josh Hawley did not file a lawsuit to take away your medical insurance or to force insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.  Democrats try to demonize political opponents and will say anything to defeat Hawley in his race to unseat Claire McCaskill. The case filed in Federal Court in Texas by the Attorney Generals of 19 states argues that the Affordable Care Act [...]

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Recap of the Kavanaugh Hearing

If you missed it, let me summarize: Briefly, Ms. Ford claims that 36 years ago when she was 15, at a house somewhere in Montgomery County Maryland, she was at a party with four other teens, consuming alcohol, having come from a country club swimming pool.  She alleges that a boy at the party pushed her into a bedroom, touched her, kissed her, and tried to remove her bathing suit.  She got away from the boy whom she claims was Brett Kavanaugh, then age 17.  She also claims that [...]

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Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

Elections have consequences. Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh Donald Trump promised to appoint distinguished, conservative judges to the Supreme Court and showed the American People a list of candidates he planned to consider when elected.  Republican candidates for the US Senate assured voters in their states they would support conservative judges who would not “legislate” from the Bench.  President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh, one of the candidates on his list, to a seat on the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh has an outstanding record and is eminently qualified. The [...]

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Voting When Away at School

Voting When Away at School College, like voting, can be an exciting, yet confusing time in a young adult’s life. We’re here to help make the voting experience easier while you are away at school. Students have several options on how to cast their ballots, even if they’re miles from home. Absentee Voting Absentee voting allows registered voters to cast their ballots before election day. Absentee ballots can be submitted by mail or in-person up to six weeks before the election. For more information on deadlines and how to [...]

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