Democrats Don’t Trust The American People

The latest wave of impeachment hysteria from Democrats confirms what many of us have been saying for months.  The Democrats don’t trust the American People to choose a President.  Democrats don’t have confidence that any of the current crop of candidates will defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. In order to knock Donald Trump out of the 2020 Presidential Election the Democrats have realized they must impeach him and have him removed from office.  Do you doubt my opinion?  Watch this video and judge for yourself. Republicans, Independents, [...]

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Moving Forward From The Mueller Investigation

The Mueller Investigation is Completed.  What's Next? The public spectacle of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congressional Committees on July 24 is over. You watched it or, by now, you have heard or read pundits describing the spectacle. No need to rehash it. What is our Nation going to experience going forward from the Mueller Investigation? More Trump Derangement Syndrome (“TDS”). The Democrats have been fixated for two years on the unseating of Donald Trump by the Mueller Investigation. They cannot admit to the American People or to [...]

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Meet Former St. Charles Pachyderm President–Stephen Johnson

We'd like to introduce you to Stephen Johnson. Name: Stephen Johnson Age: 69 Occupation: Retired City: St. Charles Values: Personal Responsibility, Economic Opportunity, Local Government, Security, Hard Work, Free Enterprise, and Life, Liberty and the  Pursuit of Happiness Stephen Johnson Shortly after retiring in 2006, Stephen wanted to get more involved with local politics and joined the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club. Stephen served as the President of the club on and off from 2010 to 2016. Under Stephen’s leadership in 2011, the St. Charles County Pachyderm [...]

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You’ve Registered to Vote. Now What?

Registering to vote is the first step to participating in an election, but now what do you do? We’re here to help your voting experience run smoothly. Here’s a checklist of things to do before Election Day. 1. Find Your Polling Place Your polling place should be listed on your voter ID card. If you’ve misplaced your card or haven’t received it yet, no worries! Simply go to to find your polling place. 2. Determine Your Method of Voting Believe it or not, there are several ways to [...]

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How You Can Help Achieve A Republican Victory in 2018

We have recently received a lot of concerns about the upcoming November election; especially in regard to the high volume of Democratic campaign activists in St. Charles County. The only way to combat the workings of the Democratic Party is to motivate local Republicans to participate in RNC and local party initiatives. Winning results are not handed to one party or another. Both parties work tirelessly for months leading up to an election. Republicans—it’s time to step up and make an impact. We promise you don’t have to be [...]

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Clean Missouri-Amendment 1 Resolution–St. Charles County Republican Central Committee

St. Charles County Republican Central Committee Clean Missouri-Amendment 1 Resolution WHEREAS, the voters of Missouri will be asked on November 6, 2018, to vote yes or no regarding Constitutional Amendment # 1 (the so-called “Clean Missouri” Initiative); WHEREAS, the main purpose of Constitutional Amendment # 1) is to radically change the design of State Representatives’ and Senators’ districts.  If passed, the Amendment will eliminate the people’s elected representatives from any part of drawing legislative districts and will enable an appointee of the State Auditor (a Democrat) to draw districts, [...]