Americans are not pleased with this administration.

According to polls, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been falling for weeks. Earlier this year, it hit its lowest number of 33%, making him the least approved of president since the early 1970’s and even lower than Jimmy Carter’s approval rating of 34% in 1980. Pres. Biden’s approval rating did bump up this past week to 36%, according to some polls. The gap between those who approve and disapprove of his job is about 20%. Pres. Biden’s job approval rating among undecided voters sits at 23%. Two-thirds of Democrats don’t even want Pres. Biden to run for a second term. His approval on his handling of the economy is at 30% overall. 52% say the economy is only going to get worse in the next year, and 58% think the economy is “poor.” No surprise there considering wages compared to inflation are down 3.6% from last year and are declining at the fastest pace in 40 years.

It’s almost like people don’t like the Democratic policies this administration is implementing and pushing, the effects of which are:

  • Spurring on rising, record-level inflation which is outpacing wages and contributing to the rising prices of every-day items, placing a burden on normal Americans,
  • Encouraging crime,
  • Encouraging record numbers of mass illegal border crossings resulting in death and record levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine pouring into the country,
  • Undermining our institutions by refusing to condemn protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices, or even attempts on the Justices’ lives.

Overall, most of the action his administration has taken seems un-American, such as his trip to the Middle East this week to beg Saudi Arabia for oil, instead of tapping into our own resources and prioritizing energy independence. And let’s not forget the terrible decision to withdraw from Afghanistan the way the administration chose to, getting 13 U.S. servicemembers killed, one of which was a Missourian, and leaving behind billions worth of military equipment for terrorists to use as they please.

Americans don’t like where we are currently headed, and a shift is happening. With your help getting people out the vote, a red wave is coming in November. We can predict this by looking at a few factors:

  • major political realignment, with many voters switching to the Republican Party,
  • historic examples of mid-terms, and
  • the approval rating of Democrat-controlled congress.

As the economy worsens, working class Americans are changing their political affiliation from Democrat to Republican. For the first time, Democrats are doing better among the white, college educated voter demographic whose main concerns are social issues, than they are among minority voters. At the same time, the Republican party is experiencing a rise in minority voters and working class voters whose main concerns are inflation and economic related issues, for obvious reasons. Additionally, historic studies show that for the last 48 years, the party in control of the white house loses a considerable number of U.S. House seats in the mid-term elections. Because of the circumstances this year, the number of seats lost by the party in power is expected to be high. Lastly, the Congressional approval rating currently is at a whopping 18%, also insinuating people are ready to change out the Democratic leadership in Congress for something better.

The Missouri Republican Party wants you to help us prepare for this historic red wave by joining us on August 19th for the Republican Victory Picnic. Our national committeewoman, Carrie Almond is hosting the picnic at her farm. It will be a family-friendly event with a live band, and lots of Conservative friends. Governor Mike Parson, Congressman Sam Graves, and many other office-holders and candidates will be there to socialize with. Our goal is to come together, united after the primary is over to help encourage and push each other over the finish line in November and march towards this red wave. For more information and to register to attend the picnic, you can view the event page on eventbrite by clicking here. You can also view the event on Facebook by clicking here.


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