Jefferson City, Mo. — Wednesday, the Missouri Republican Party’s Executive State Committee unanimously passed a resolution in support of Missouri Constitutional Amendment 4. If passed on November 8th, Amendment 4 would require that Kansas City appropriate 25 percent of its annual revenue towards the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

The resolution cites the Missouri Republican Party Platform’s support of law enforcement. The need for the Amendment is the result of the 2021 efforts by the Democrat members of the Kansas City, Missouri City Council, and Democrat Mayor Quinton Lucas to defund the police department by diverting previously appropriated law enforcement funding to non-law enforcement programs. The resolution recognizes the current Missouri statute mandating the city appropriate a minimum of one-fifth of its general revenue to the police department is outdated. See the resolution here.

“Amendment 4 is an opportunity for Missouri to support law enforcement as they protect us,” said Missouri Republican Party Chairman Nick Myers. “If we want safe communities, we must budget the funds that allow the police to do their jobs. Vote yes on Amendment 4.”