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October 26th, 2022

MOGOP Weekly Messaging

Messaging Overview:
There are less than 14 days until election day.

  • This election cycle, Republicans only need to take back 1 Senate seat and 5 House seats to fire Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and retake control of Congress.
  • Republicans know what is at stake this election cycle and are focusing on issues that matter to families and voters in all communities.
    • Lowering prices on everything from gas to groceries;
    • Keeping our communities safe;
    • Securing the southern border and stopping the flow of deadly fentanyl into the country;
    • Investing in our children’s education.
  • Democrat candidates like Trudy Busch Valentine, Cori Bush, and other Missouri Democrats will not:
    • Make our communities safer;
    • Lower the costs at the gas pump or at the grocery store;
    • Secure the southern border;
    • Unleash American energy and restore American energy independence;
    • They will simply rubber stamp everything President Biden seeks to pass as part of his extreme agenda.
  • Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to fall and he is a drag on Democrat candidates.
    • 74% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.
    • 53% of Americans disapprove of the job Biden is doing, and he is more than 10 points underwater with just 41% approving.
  • Joe Biden and Democrats have brought crisis after crisis and the American people are paying the price.
    • A supply chain crisis and inflation at 40 year highs;
    • High gas prices;
    • An out of control border crisis;
    • Lethal fentanyl pouring into our communities;
    • Rising crime across the country;
    • A disastrous foreign policy agenda that has America leading from behind.

What you can do:

  • Absentee Vote for Eric Schmitt, and other Republican candidates. Or vote at the polls on November 8th.
  • Volunteer to be an election judge or poll watcher at your local polling place.
  • Talk to your friends, and neighbors, and get them to vote for Eric Schmitt for Senate, your local Republican U.S. Congressional candidate, and your local Republican candidate for the Missouri House and Senate. Missouri Democrats only need to win a handful of seats in the House to cause Missouri’s Republican stronghold to start slipping.

Read the MOGOP Press Release about how Trudy Busch Valentine is profiting from the very corporations she has said she will stand up to in D.C.: https://missouri.gop/trudy-busch-valentine-has-already-been-bought/

Tweets for you to share:

Posts for you:

  • “1 Seat in the Senate. 5 Seats in the House. United we can take our country back. Vote for @Eric_Schmitt for #mosen”
  • “In 2 years, Democrats have only delivered 4-decade high inflation, skyrocketing crime, and open borders. Vote Republican on November 8th. #mosen #moleg”

Messaging overview:
Radical Democrats Are Destroying Our Country
We all know it, but radical Democrats–like Cori Bush, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren–are destroying our nation. They are spending trillions recklessly for the Green New Deal, support policies that favor criminals and want to Defund the Police, and refuse to secure our Southern border. And Trudy Busch Valentine wants to go to DC to help these radicals. She is taking the Far-Left’s money, and Valentine has already promised to Pack the Court, eliminate the filibuster, and support the radical Biden-Schumer agenda. We cannot let a radical Limousine Liberal like Trudy Busch Valentine anywhere near the U.S. Senate.

What You Can Do NOW to Stop the Radical Democrats

  • Read about AG Eric Schmitt’s fight to push back against woke ideology on Wall Street (Link)
  • Retweet or Repost AG Schmitt’s endorsements from Missouri firefighters and first responders (Twitter; Facebook)
  • Watch AG Schmitt campaigning in Raymore, MO with Sen. Ted Cruz and Mark Alford. (Link)

Posts for You

  • Radical Democrats like Trudy Busch Valentine are destroying our nation. It’s time to send conservative fighters like @Eric_Schmitt to the U.S. Senate.
  • Trudy Busch Valentine is the most radical Democratic nominee in Missouri history. She wants to pack the court and eliminate the filibuster. We must ensure this Limousine Liberal gets nowhere near the Senate.


YOU are the difference. Thank you for supporting the Missouri Republican Party,

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