June 29, 2022
Contact: JoDonn Chaney, (573) 526-0949

Jefferson City, Mo. — Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft today thanked Governor Mike Parson for signing House Bill 1878 – known as the election integrity bill – expanding voter access and further safeguarding Missouri elections.

With the passage of this legislation, Missouri becomes a national leader on election administration – a model for other states across the nation that are also seeking to protect the integrity of future elections. The reforms in HB 1878 will increase election security and transparency, and will instill Missouri voters with confidence that they are voting in free, fair and valid elections.

“Missouri voters are passionate about their right to vote.  This bill makes Missouri elections safer and more transparent, which instills confidence and trust,” said Ashcroft. “I would like to thank Governor Parson, Senator Crawford, Representative Simmons and the general assembly for their work.”

These changes to the voting law will take effect on August 28, affecting the November general election. Among other things, the law:

  • Requires photo ID when voting in person and allows two weeks for no-excuse in-person absentee voting.
  • Allows the secretary of state to audit voter rolls.
  • Mandates cybersecurity testing for the local election authorities and the secretary of state every two years.
  • Prohibits private funding to election authorities.
  • Includes “air-gap” as a definition – meaning equipment is physically and technically isolated from any internet-enabled network, including tabulating equipment, electronic voting machines, and electronic voting systems.
  • Mandates paper ballots.

“Missouri lawmakers have strengthened public trust in elections by passing this legislation. HB 1878 provides an example to the rest of the country that commonsense election reforms protect the democratic process for all voters,” said Madeline Malisa, Senior Fellow at FGA.


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