We’d like to introduce you to Josie Battles.

Josie Battles

Age: 21
Occupation: College Student; Account Coordinator at Golden Services Group
Hometown: St. Peters
Values: Hard work, personal responsibility, family

Josie is a student at Missouri State University studying Political Science; Pre-Law. Josie values personal responsibility, family traditions, and hard work. While away at school, Josie volunteers as a Girls on the Run coach. As a coach, she teaches 3rd-5th-grade girls how to be confident, joyful and healthy. When she’s home, she enjoys spending time with her family (especially her dogs) and catching up with friends on Main Street in Saint Charles. It’s obvious Josie values hard work. This summer, she is bartending at Quintessential Dining, interning at Golden Services Group and studying for her LSAT exam. Josie looks forward to applying to law schools this fall.

“What Republican Value Speaks To You The Most and Why?”

“Personally, the value of hard work has strengthened my connection with the Republican Party. Growing up, I admired my parents for their ability to balance work and family. I will forever be grateful for the strong work ethic I have developed from my parents’ example. As I became older, I recognized the value of hard work in my daily life. Whether it’s an extra set of LSAT practice problems, picking up a shift at work, or reading ahead for class, I know the work I am doing now will make me a better person. As my work ethic has grown and I have embraced the value of hard work, I have felt a deeper connection to the Republican Party and its members.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Josie. Good luck in law school applications this fall!

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