you can helpWe have recently received a lot of concerns about the upcoming November election; especially in regard to the high volume of Democratic campaign activists in St. Charles County. The only way to combat the workings of the Democratic Party is to motivate local Republicans to participate in RNC and local party initiatives.

Winning results are not handed to one party or another. Both parties work tirelessly for months leading up to an election. Republicans—it’s time to step up and make an impact.

We promise you don’t have to be a millionaire or a campaign manager to make a personal impact on the election. Below is a list of 10 ways you can help the Republicans be victorious in the 2018 midterm election.

1. The MO GOP Wednesday Walks Program

One of the main complaints we have been hearing around St. Charles County concerns Democratic door-knockers. While there is nothing we can do to stop Democrats from coming to your door or talking to your neighbors, we can combat their influence with our very own initiative.

The Missouri GOP has been hosting Wednesday Walks since the end of September. Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm volunteers meet at the St. Charles GOP Headquarters, then go out to talk to members of the community about the upcoming election.

Studies have shown that face-to-face communication is one of the most effective ways to encourage others to vote. People are more likely to go vote after personally talking to a volunteer because they feel important and motivated.

For more information on the last two Wednesday Walks events:

Can’t make it on Wednesdays? Contact the Austin Schwerdt @[email protected] for other volunteer opportunities

RNC St. Charles Headquarters
3551 Veterans Memorial Parkway
St. Charles, MO 63303

2. Make telephone calls on behalf of the GOP

Similar to door knocking, the Missouri GOP is in need of people to make telephone calls on behalf of the Republican Party. Contac the St. Charles RNC Headquarters for more information on volunteering to make phone calls.

3. Donate Money

Whether you have $1 or $100,000—your contribution is important. Donating money is a great alternative for those who are unable to donate their time. Contributions to local candidates are especially important it allows them access to materials that will make them a competitive candidate. Find a local candidate you’re passionate about on our web page and consider making a monetary donation to their campaign.

Candidates and Issues on November ballot:

4. Pick up a yard sign

One of the simplest ways to participate in an election is to pick up a sign from your local party headquarters. A yard sign can make a big impact. Seeing yard signs may cause those who don’t normally vote to perceive the upcoming election as incredibly important (and this one is!!). The perception of an important election motivates people vote (just like Proposition A in August). Additionally, yard signs help raise awareness for the upcoming election. Your yard sign may inspire your neighbors to pick up their own signs or make a contribution to a local candidates’ campaign they otherwise would not have known about! Be a good neighbor and a good citizen and pick up a yard sign today!

[Note] All of the state offices are currently out of Josh Hawley signs. However, there are plenty of signs for local candidates. Come out, pick up a sign, and show your neighbors you’re a proud voter!

Again, the St. Charles GOP Headquarters is located at:
RNC St. Charles Headquarters
3551 Veterans Memorial Parkway
St. Charles, 63303

5. Grab a bumper sticker or t-shirt

There’s no better way to spread awareness for a candidate than to literally be a walking (or driving) billboard for them! Grab a bumper sticker or t-shirt from your local party office today!

6. Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers

It’s as easy as it sounds! You normally talk to these people anyways, right? Why not ask if they’re registered to vote. By holding simple conversations with our friends, we can encourage people to get out and vote.

Talking politics can be awkward (especially with coworkers). You don’t have to talk about partisan politics to encourage your friends and coworkers to vote, however, they may appreciate your political knowledge. By holding a casual conversation, you may encourage someone to vote for the very first time!

7. Learn About Absentee Voting

Absentee voting is a great way to cast your ballot when you are unable to make it out on election day. Learn more about absentee voting so you can inform your friends and family. Don’t let your conversations with friends, family and coworkers go to waste just because they claim they cannot make it out to vote on November 6th. By having a general understanding of absentee voting, you can help yourself and others avoid the hassles of election day.

Learn more about absentee voting at:

8. Sign up for our newsletter

Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the political happenings in St. Charles County. In addition to voter education, we will keep you updated on fun events and local candidates.

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9. Share our Facebook posts

We understand that not everyone is able to donate their time or money. Simply sharing our Facebook posts to your timeline is an easy way to raise awareness about candidates, issues, events, and initiatives. Your shares may inspire other members of the St. Charles County community to step up and get involved.

For example—Say you cannot attend Wednesday Walks, but by sharing the event on Facebook you could potentially reach hundreds of people who do not follow our page. So, by simply sharing our post we may gain a whole new group of volunteers.

Sharing our Facebook posts is an easy way to make a big impact! Find us at:

10. VOTE! 

Voting is the easiest way to personally impact an election. The polls will be open 6am-7pm in Missouri on November 6th—we will see you there!

Need help finding your polling place? Visit:

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