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St. Charles County Emergency Services

The following individuals represent the elected officials that govern the Emergency Services agencies that respond to fire protection and medical emergencies throughout St. Charles County Missouri.  This information is solely provided to identify the positions that are occupied by citizens who have run for public office.  If you have an emergency to report, please call 911.  If you want to learn more about these agencies or to discuss an issue related to your service, please follow the weblinks provided.  If you are a Republican and interested in running for public office to serve in one of these positions in an upcoming election, please speak to someone on our Committee.

Augusta Community Volunteer Fire Protection District

Facebook Weblink:  https://www.facebook.com/AugustaCVFD/?rc=p

Chief:  Robert Struckhoff

Central County Fire and Rescue

Weblink:  https://centralcountyfire.org/

Chief:   Dan Aubuchon


Board of Directors

Dave Tilley Chairman
Patricia Hamm Treasurer
David Bell Secretary

City of St. Charles Fire Department

Weblink:  https://www.stcharlescitymo.gov/190/Fire-and-Emergency-Medical-Services

Chief:  Craig Dodson

Cottleville Fire Protection District

Weblink: https://www.cottlevillefpd.org

Chief:  Dean Everett


Board of Directors

Steve Mahler President
Steve DuBois Board member
Ken Brooks Board member
Mike Reiter Board member
John Walsh Board member

Lake St. Louis Fire Protection District

Weblink:  http://www.lslfire.com/

Chief:  Clinton Gussner


Board of Directors

Michael Pendergast Board Chair
Michael Crowell Treasurer
Richard Thurwachter Secretary

New Melle Fire Protection District

Weblink:  http://newmellefire.org/

Chief:  Rick Massey

O’Fallon Fire Protection District

Weblink:  https://www.ofallonfire.org/

Chief:  Thomas Vineyard

Board of Directors

William (Bill) Laughlin Chairman
Matt Simmons Secretary
Matt Gober Treasurer

Orchard Farm Fire Protection

Weblink:  http://www.offpd.com/

Chief:  Jeremey R. Hollrah

Rivers Pointe Fire Protection District

Chief: Richard Pender

St. Charles County Ambulance District (SCCAD)

Weblink:  https://sccad.com/

Board of Directors

Mark Fenton Chair
Jim Ottomeyer Vice Chair
Raymond Bauer Secretary/Treasurer
James Cooke Director
Teresa Reynolds Director
Ronald Reguly Director

Wentzville Fire Protection District

Weblink:  http://wentzvillefire.org/

Chief:  Michael Marlo

Wright City Fire Protection District

Weblink:  http://www.wrightcityfire.com/

Chief:  Ronald MacKnight


Board of Directors

Rudy Jovanovic Board member
Justin Fears Board member
Jeanette Woehrle Board member
Mike Gantner Board member