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Dear Friend,
Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a curriculum being pushed in our schools, which teaches kids to hate their country and to hate each other. The recent violence ignited by claims of systemic racism is grounded in CRT, and CRT is grounded in Karl Marx’s writing instructing followers how to start a revolution in a nation. This is concerning for our public schools, as there is a current concerted effort to indoctrinate Missouri school children by instilling the CRT curriculum into the public school system. Read more about CRT here.
Critical Race Theory Hearing this Monday
The Joint Committee on Education will hear invited testimony regarding CRT and the 1619 Project at 12:30 p.m., on Monday, July 19, at the Missouri State Capitol, in Jefferson City. No opportunity will be provided for in person public testimony, however, there is an opportunity for citizens to testify via email and telephone. All testimony must be received by 12:30 p.m. on Monday, July 19. This meeting will be live-streamed. Click here for viewing access.
You Can Make a Difference
Concerned Women for America of Missouri invites you to take action by submitting a testimony via email or telephone.
Take Action
1.     Call or email your comments about CRT to the Joint Committee on Education members. The members of the Joint Committee on Education can be found by clicking here.
2.     Call or email the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Education, Senator Cindy O’Laughlin (R-District 18). Email Sen. O’Laughlin in care of Fred Barnes at [email protected], or call her at 573-751-7985.
3.     Email Governor Michael Parson here at or call him at (573) 751-3222.
Request Gov. Parson do the following:
A.   Issue an Executive Order banning the teaching of “Critical Racy Theory” curriculum in the State of Missouri.
B.    Include in the Executive Order: No state agency, school district, charter school or online instruction, funded in any manner by the Missouri legislature or federal or private grant, may teach any component of CRT
C.   In the executive order, include instructions for the Missouri State School Board and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to ensure that his executive order, and subsequent legislation, be supported and implemented without delay.
D.   Place CRT legislation on his list of priorities for the 101st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session. Contact Gov.
Please pray the work of the enemy be stopped in Jesus name. Pray also our legislators will hear and understand the truth about CRT and stand against forcing Missouri citizens to fund the teaching of CRT lies to our innocent children. Finally, pray each one of us will take every opportunity to speak the truth in love, and point others to the saving knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Bev Ehlen
State Director