The Impeachment Trial of President Trump is drawing to its close.  The proceedings in the Senate demonstrated that the Articles of Impeachment had no legal or factual basis for removing President Trump from office and from the ballot for reelection in November.  The evidence of the alleged conduct was disputed and, in any event, did not allege conduct that would be an impeachable offense: Not Treason, Bribery, or other High Crime or Misdemeanor.

The Democrat Leaders in the House surely knew they would never capture the 67 votes in the Senate needed to convict President Trump, so it begs the question…What were they really trying to do?

Here are some choices to consider:

  1. Take Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren off the campaign trails in Iowa and New Hampshire to give Joe Biden a better shot at winning in those states?
  2. Give the Republicans the opportunity to explain to the American People just how sleazy Joe and Hunter Biden were in exploiting Biden’s role as Vice President designated by Obama to handle Ukraine and China, thereby undermining Joe Biden’s campaign for President?
  3. Clear a path to the Democrat nomination for Mike Bloomberg?
  4. Show the Democrats that the Socialist/Progressive firebrands in the Congress who demanded impeachment were foolish and that the “establishment” Democrats should continue to run things instead?
  5. Give Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler plenty of time on TV to further insult Republican, blue collar Democrat and Independent voters who favor Trump in order to increase pro Trump turn out in November?
  6. Flood the cable news and TV networks with their Political Theater just to smear President Trump?


  1. Am I wrong and the Democrats really believed they would convince 67 Senators to convict the President and remove him from office?

I am inclined to believe number 6.  They thought they would get lots of TV coverage and damage the President’s prospects for reelection.

Most political theater is pretty silly, but the House Impeachment Melodrama was over the top.  It reminded me of the advice delivered to the Plaintiff by a Judge near the end of a 2-week trial in New York City (I was defending the US Government in the case, many years ago).  He said, “You should have tried it out in New Haven before you brought it to Broadway.”

Stay tuned, the Democrats and their news media allies are infected by the Trump Derangement Syndrome and they will be back again with more accusations.