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The Impeachment Trial of President Trump is drawing to its close.  The proceedings in the Senate demonstrated that the Articles of Impeachment had no legal or factual basis for removing President Trump from office and from the ballot for reelection in November.  The evidence of the alleged conduct was disputed and, in any event, did not allege conduct that would be an impeachable offense: Not Treason, Bribery, or other High Crime or Misdemeanor. The Democrat Leaders in the House surely knew they would [...]

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You’ve Registered to Vote. Now What?

Registering to vote is the first step to participating in an election, but now what do you do? We’re here to help your voting experience run smoothly. Here’s a checklist of things to do before Election Day. 1. Find Your Polling Place Your polling place should be listed on your voter ID card. If you’ve misplaced your card or haven’t received it yet, no worries! Simply go to to find your polling place. 2. Determine Your Method of Voting Believe it [...]

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How You Can Help Achieve A Republican Victory in 2018

We have recently received a lot of concerns about the upcoming November election; especially in regard to the high volume of Democratic campaign activists in St. Charles County. The only way to combat the workings of the Democratic Party is to motivate local Republicans to participate in RNC and local party initiatives. Winning results are not handed to one party or another. Both parties work tirelessly for months leading up to an election. Republicans—it’s time to step up and make an impact. [...]

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Clean Missouri-Amendment 1 Resolution–St. Charles County Republican Central Committee

St. Charles County Republican Central Committee Clean Missouri-Amendment 1 Resolution WHEREAS, the voters of Missouri will be asked on November 6, 2018, to vote yes or no regarding Constitutional Amendment # 1 (the so-called “Clean Missouri” Initiative); WHEREAS, the main purpose of Constitutional Amendment # 1) is to radically change the design of State Representatives’ and Senators’ districts.  If passed, the Amendment will eliminate the people’s elected representatives from any part of drawing legislative districts and will enable an appointee of the [...]

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Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

Elections have consequences. Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh Donald Trump promised to appoint distinguished, conservative judges to the Supreme Court and showed the American People a list of candidates he planned to consider when elected.  Republican candidates for the US Senate assured voters in their states they would support conservative judges who would not “legislate” from the Bench.  President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh, one of the candidates on his list, to a seat on the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh has an [...]

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