The Saint Charles County Republican Central Committee would like to extend our congratulations to the Delegates & Electors to the RNC, many of which are from right here in St. Charles County. We commend Sophia Shore, the first woman in history to chair a MO Republican State Convention, for running a transparent and thorough convention. We also would like to give a very special thank you to everyone who participated alongside us as delegates & volunteers throughout this process starting from the county level and then going on to carry out the will of our fellow citizens through the congressional district convention and ultimately, the state convention in Springfield, MO this past weekend. This is no small feat, and all your efforts and sacrifices are deeply appreciated.

Unfortunately, due to a 5-hour delay by the Missouri GOP, the will & wishes that were entrusted within our delegates by the voters in St Charles County were not able to properly be heard. Many platform amendments that had passed at our county and district conventions, and some statewide by wide margins were flatly ignored by the state platform committee. These amendments were then brought directly onto the convention floor by Republicans from across Missouri that had been slighted in the same way. The body of the state convention overwhelmingly adopted these amendments to the party platform which included the elimination of personal property tax, returning Missouri to a system of constitutional sheriffs, banning electronic voting equipment, forbidding foreign ownership of Missouri land, and requiring that only US citizens be allowed to vote in Missouri elections to name just a few. Nearly 30 amendments were passed directly from the state convention floor, but due to the hours running late from such an unorganized start, the quorum was lost, and the business of the day could not be finished and finalized.

We, The St Charles County RCC, are calling on Missouri GOP chairman Nick Myers to make whichever arrangements necessary to reconvene the state convention so that The People’s business can continue, to simply adopt the nearly 30 amendments that were passed at the state convention before the abrupt adjournment into the most current version of the party platform, or resign as Chairman of the Missouri GOP. To

not further disenfranchise the delegates and voters who made countless sacrifices to participate in this process, these are the only acceptable options to bring finality. Our commitment to Republican voters remains resolute and their voices will not be ignored.

-The Saint Charles County Republican Central Committee